I wear many caps but first and foremost I wear the cap of a Christian. The journey in my Christian walk has been quite interesting in the sense that it includes daily devotion and commitment to God to stay on the right path. While I am far from being perfect, I remain resolute in my faith knowing fully well that it is only through the righteousness of God that I can be perfected.

In this blog, I share the lessons that I have been learning on my Christian journey as well as the burdens God has laid on my heart, in the form of expository messages. My aim is to edify and minister to the lives of people including people group that are unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I see this opportunity as my little contribution to the advancement of the kingdom of God on this earth because surely the knowledge of the glory of God must fill the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakuk 2:14).

Rosetta Thomas

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