Beware of the Devil's Devices A Vessel Of Honour

The Devil does not come to us with horns and long forks but rather through craftily engineered schemes and plots. In this podcast, we will examine some of the devices that the Devil use to derail us, as well as ways in which we can overcome.
  1. Beware of the Devil's Devices
  2. The way of Prophecies! Living by Divine Prescription or Not? What's your story?
  3. Afflictions there are … But! by Rosetta Thomas
  4. The Giant Within by Rosetta Thomas
  5. Testimony of an Indonesian Couple
  6. Time to Pray
  7. The Prayer of Young Daniel McPhail
  8. Revival Hymn
  9. When God Stepped Down from Heaven
  10. The Judgment Seat of Christ

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